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Continual Improvement

Permanently updated
technology and technical unit

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Our internal management Continual improvement system comprises the permanent incorporation and update of technology and a solid technical development unit.

In order to respond to new challenges, we have the latest generation technology infrastructure, in continual innovation, which is optimized according to our needs, always aiming to offer a top quality service to our clients. An example of this is our Online Insurance Portal:

Market search, obtainment of coverage and risk management have a specialized support: a team of experts that include engineers, architects, accountants and lawyers, among others, that ensure the best results in risk transference.

As a result of this strategy and a consistent quality policy, NGS is, nowadays, a consultant that simultaneously offers reliability and a high innovation services platform.

We are the first risk management consultants and insurance brokers to obtain and maintain the ISO 9001:2008 certification, granted by SGS, the largest international certifying company.

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